How It Works

You got a good overview of how this works in the video, but let's take a closer look at the details. These opportunities will allow us to achieve our goal of making professional design services available to the public, in an affordable and non-intimidating way. You will also get a sense of how this project will promote and strengthen up and coming designers, as well as help veteran designers get back to the core of what design is supposed to be all about.

U.S. Designer Statistics

  • People with Architecture degrees

  • People with Interior Design degrees

  • People with Landscape Architecture degrees

  • Total number of Design degree holders in the U.S.


What this means...

There is a large pool of talented people to choose from, which means that good design is more accessible than you might think.

U.S. Architecture Statistics

  • People with Architecture degrees

  • People with Architecture Licenses


What this means...

That a large portion of the people responsible for designing and building the spaces you use don't have their licenses and that those unlicensed designers are capable of providing you with everything you need from a design standpoint. If you require technical advice, then you will need to sign up for a designer with their license.

U.S. Buildings

  • % of commercial buildings designed by architects

  • % of instituional buildings designed by architects

  • % of industrial buildings designed by architects

  • % of residential buildings designed by architects


What this means...

The buildings we spend the most amount of our lives in, cook in, sleep in, and create memories in, aren't designed by design professionals, instead they're designed by developers and construction companies.

Design Service Costs

  • Average cost of Architecture services

  • Average salary of Architects

  • Average cost of Interior Design services

  • Average salary of Interior Designers

  • Average cost of Landscape Architecture services

  • Average salary of Landscape Architects


What this means...

Contrary to popular belief, architects and designers don't get paid extremely well like doctors and lawyers. Therefore there is a large pool of designers available because most designers hope to eventually go off on their own to be able to keep more of the profits or in the meantime are looking for small side projects to work on.

Design Service Time Requirements

  • Average time of a building from design to construction completion

    18 months
  • Average time of a home

    12 months
  • Average time of an addition/renovation

    9 months
  • Average time of a landscape project

    2 months
  • Average time of an aesthetic interior redesign

    2 months

What this means...

Even though it may seem like hiring a designer would be a very long and expensive process it isn't necessarily true, especially if we're talking about just an addition, renovation, landscaping, etc.

Architecture Employment Statistics

  • Architecture Degree Holders

  • Work for an Architecture Firm

  • Self-employed

  • Unemployed

  • Switched Career Fields/Retired


What this means...

There is a large pool of talent that is available but is currently untapped and is running the risk of being lost forever. With the economic downturn a large number of architects and recent architecture graduates became unemployed and some have left the field completely because of having to make ends meet and who knows what great designs they could have created for you.

Your Appointment

These are the steps that occur before, during, and after your appointment

Step 1: Materials

After you make your appointment you will be sent to a page where you will you tell us what you want to talk to your designer about. You will also upload any helpful sketches, photos, etc that you have of your idea.

Step 2: Meeting

You will meet with your designer at your scheduled time and place and come up with an amazing design concept!

Step 3: Delivery

After your meeting we will scan all of the drawings and notes that the designer created during your appointment and email them to you in one concise package.

Step 4: Review

You will also be sent a link to review your designer and the experience that you had. This will then contribute to the designers overall rating and help inform both us and future clients on the quality of each designer, so that we can maintain our high level of quality.

Step 5: Repeat

Decide what you would like to do next and just let us know. If you want to hire that designer full time, we'll put you two in touch. If you still don't want to make that kind of commitment you can sign up for another hour appointment with the same, or different, designer.

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