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If you believe in what we're trying to do and would like to donate, please just fill out the submission form below. We are so glad that you have decided to help us make this dream a reality.

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We encourage people to make their donations on this page so that we are able to put all of the money towards our project, as opposed to having to give 5% of the money raised to a third party. Money donated on this site however will not be refunded if the total goal amount is not reached. It will instead be used to at least start our concept in a different way, using meeting places, rather than the truck for example. This way we will at least be able to start to make an impact and difference and hopefully then be able to raise enough money over time to expand for the truck and so on. Hopefully though, you all will make sure that this project is a success and we won't ever even have to think about these other fallback options.

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