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Well that's all you need to get started with us! If you've always wanted to remodel your house, or create a beautiful backyard, or put on an addition or start up a coffeeshop. Whatever your idea may be we are here to help you get the ball rolling with a simple one hour design consultation, where our talented and qualified designers will help you sketch out your ideas, answer your questions and show you all different kinds of ways that your dream could become a reality.


Let's start with some common misconceptions and concerns that people tend to have about architecture and the design professions.


Have you ever thought about using an architect/designer or seeking their advice, only to quickly dismiss it because you think that it will be way too expensive?

People tend to believe that architecture is just as expensive as seeing a lawyer or doctor, when in reality it is far far cheaper. The average cost for an hour of attorney's time is $250, a doctor $350, while an architect is $150. Now this may still seem high to you, but you can see that in relation to the other two architects are 1/2 to 1/3 the price of a doctor or lawyer. This is why our price of $100/hour is such a great deal!


How do I even go about finding a designer even if I wanted to use one? I'd have to go from office to office.

This is a big part of what we're trying to change with this company. We want to get designers out of their closed off offices and out into public settings where they are approachable. That's why the truck will be parked in locations such as farmers markets and the like, because they are casual settings where people can come have a conversation and learn what we're all about and eventually come back for an appointment and casual design consultation.


Well if I want to use a designer I'll have to sign a contract with them and I'm not sure I want to make that kind of commitment both because of finances and also what if I don't like what they come up with.

No commitments necessary! We know that this is new and uncharted territory for most clients, that's why we keep everything to 1 hour sessions for just one low fee and no commitment beyond that hour is necessary.


I want to be sure that I'm hiring someone with the skills that I need and they aren't lying to me just to get the work.

Every designer that works with us has their schooling, work history, and portfolio verified and critiqued to ensure that only those designers that meet our high standard are allowed to be on the truck. We also go one step further by giving the clients the opportunity to give the designer they met with a rating, which will then appear in that designers profile on the website, along with their portfolio and information, for future clients to see when they are trying to decide which designer to make an appointment with.

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